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Mutual masturbation

It’s simply a fact of life that horny girls need mutual masturbation. It’s no fun to masturbate by yourself, after all.

Everything is more exciting with a partner, and masturbation is no different. I love getting myself off while you get yourself off, too. There’s something so sexy about it! I can’t get enough of hearing your voice in my ear as I play with myself! So basically, what I’m looking for is someone who’s into mutual masturbation just as much as I am. I hope that person is you! If so, we’re going to have a great time together.

The way a mutual masturbation call generally starts is with the two of us confessing our fantasies to each other. It really turns me on to hear what turns YOU on! And then, there’s also the thrill of confessing my own turn-ons to someone else. After we tell each other what turns us on, we can choose a fantasy to talk about that works for both of us. Then…it’s on!

Ready for some intense mutual masturbation?

If you are not already naked, you have to take your clothes off for me, and I’ll do the same for you. I can get my favorite toy if I feel like using it and we can get down to the mutual masturbation action. As we discuss our fantasy, I want you to stroke your cock for me, and I will rub my clit for you. Don’t be shy, and don’t hold back! I want to hear your moans and groans while you play with yourself for me. I can assure you I won’t hold back, myself! I’ll make sure you can hear my every reaction to touching myself for you.

Mutual masturbation will bring us both to an explosive orgasm. The tension builds, as we get closer and closer and it becomes more difficult to form proper sentences, we’ll communicate in phrases and moans. That part is so hot to me! I love knowing that we have reduced each other to this state. It doesn’t take long at all before we cum when we get to this part. I am so excited, waiting to hear you right before you shoot your load for me! And of course, you get to hear me pant and squeal right before my pussy squirts for you. Enjoy every stroke and squeeze with me.

Doesn’t mutual masturbation sound so hot? Why not give me a call and try it out for yourself?