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My best friend’s dad has a balloon fantasy. It’s interesting how I found it out. I am spending the night at her house and her dad is a total babe. We dressed in our cute pajamas, a shirt, and some panties. My panties have a cute bow in the front and yellow on them. If you don’t know how a slumber party for girls goes then you are in for a treat. We did each other’s makeup and she put cute bun pigtails in my hair. We talk about cute boys, eat junk food and watch movies.

She is sleeping and snoring.

I hear a noise coming from down the hall. Since my friend is sleeping I walk down. Tiptoeing down the hall so I don’t make any jarring noises. It sounds like well I don’t know how to explain it. Walking down the hall I see the lights of a television from a room. The door is open with a slight crack. This is where I discover his balloon fantasy. I hear a girl moaning and sitting on what sounds like a balloon. I come closer to the door and her dad is stroking his cock.
He has a couple of balloons blown up and sitting on his lap. He is rubbing them on his cock and balls. Sometimes he is kissing them. I am not sure what to make of this. I do believe this called a looner. Some people have a sexual attraction to balloons. The girl is moaning and rubbing her pussy on big blown up ones. He has a balloon fantasy. He is getting hard watching her and pumping the balloon harder and faster on his cock.

Something about his balloon fantasy play turns me on.

Watching him, I put my hands down my panties. I rub my cunt, his cock looks good. I want it in my pussy. When she pops the balloon he almost comes. He starts poking his cock harder into the toy. He pops it and comes. I allow myself to get off at that moment. Catching my breath, he doesn’t notice me. I creep back to the room and get in bed. Part of me questions if I should tell her. Now I know her dad’s kinky secret. Balloon fantasy.