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Do you know what really gets my pussy tingling daddy? A naughty sexfantasy. I was thinking I could have a bad dream and daddy comes in and tries to help put me back to sleep. And how he helps is putting his cock into my sweet little girl’s holes. Daddy always knows how to make his baby girl feel better.

So daddy for this sexfantasy you come rushing in and wake me up. Oh, daddy, I was so scared. I was having a bad dream about daddy leaving me. And I can feel you grab me and cuddle me next to your chest. Oh, daddy, I feel so safe in your arms. You always know how to make a baby girl feel better. You pull my little nightgown up and see my little belly. You start playing with my belly button making me giggle.
Daddy stops it your making me tingles all over. I feel your big daddy hands slide down my panties, oh that feels so good. You start rubbing my little clitty and I start giggling again. Oh, it feels so good daddy, I beg you don’t stop. Make this sexfantasy real. And of course, daddy doesn’t. You start feeling my bald pussy hole too. Oh wow, I feel so wet down there, and it’s dripping down my legs.

sexfantasy has me dripping wet.

You slide your toy out for me to play with. Your toy is my favorite. It always gives me a big white candy load when we are done playing. Let me lick on your cock like a lollipop baby. Swirl my tongue around that head oh daddy the candy tastes so good. Do you love this sexfantasy?
Is it time to ride the big horsey? I love jumping up and down and horsey trues buck me off. But I always grip down harder and daddy loves that. You take my little body and slide it down on your toy. Yay, it is the horsey time! I like it when you flip me around and I get to ride the horsey backward. And you always make funny noises when I do that daddy.
I’m ready for the candy daddy it always fills my belly and I love it. Don’t worry I will keep riding the horsey just Luke daddy likes it. And the jingle bells between your legs need to be squeezed huh? Daddy likes when I squeeze those balls until your cock shoots out my white sticky prize. Our sexfantasy is hot!