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Even though I am a young little whore I have so many crazy sex stories for you to jerk off to. So sit back and get you some lotion and drop a dime-sized amount on your cock. I want you to listen and start stroking your cock for me. I will tell you about the time when I turned 18 and went to Miami. I decided to give being a little porn whore would be good. So I showed up with a suitcase of slutty clothes.


I had an appointment with an agency so as soon I walked in I see a couch. And I always heard of the casting couch so I was ready. I introduced myself and they told me if I wanted a role then I would have to be very kinky. Are you ready for these crazy sex stories? Well, I went over to the couch and 2 guys come out. My cunt immediately gets so wet, they can tell I am a fucking slut.

Before they even say anything to me I have both cocks in my hand stroking them. Back and forth my little 18-year-old hands! I look over and spit a fat wad of spit on their cocks. I see it dripping off there cocks to there balls. And that’s when I see the cameras start to roll. I strip off my clothes and know I am completely naked and I’m ready to get fucked.

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As soon as one of the guys bend me over and slide that fucking cock into me, the “director” tells me that this isn’t a real agency. And that this is a prostitution ring, and I’m the best slut they have seen in a long time. I throw my ass back into that fucking cock and tell him, “ I don’t care I want to get fucked”. The other guy comes around and starts sliding his cock into my mouth.

There is something so hot about two guys fucking me while people are watching me. Of course, everybody wants to get a piece of my 18-year-old little bald pussy. So I invite all the other guys over to get a piece of my cunt, and they run over. How’s this crazy sex stories for you? Is it marking your cock nice and hard, because that’s what I am here for?