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My Father is very sinful. He has no limits and will not take no for an answer. Since then, I have severed as his holy worship since the day I was born and have not reckoned with his evil wants.

The sins, wickedness, and viciousness he has forced open other over the years endurances to grow even deeper into the compost of all times. I look at him as if he is my God, and I am his servant. Willing to do whatever he wishes I do. For he is the Master, the King, and I am his sex slave. No matter Blasphemy, Extreme Religious Fetish, I Adhere to them all! Following all his instructions and Obeying them just as he wishes. It has been trying times as of late. With everyone kept up in the hose. But

My Father joined the Pastor this past weekend, bringing me along, of course. They got all the children into the Pastor’s private room as another minister spoke to the congregation. It was a time of reckoning, a time where all the young girls and boys would give to the Kingdom of God as a service to halt the fury!


How sinful might you be? Lord Knows that not even the devil himself can be as monstrous as my heavenly Father! I could hear others’ sounds as they pasted thought the hall, unprepared for the Holy Religious Fetish’s they were about to face. Then as I entered the room where my Father was, I saw a young girl kneeling in front of him while another Minister was sitting in chairs with a young boy and girls next to them. They were all watching as my Father pushed her face back and told her to do as instructed. He pulled out his cock, forcing it hard down her mouth.

Meanwhile, one of the other Preacher told the young boy next to him that he must submit or die in agony! Then, my Father had the clergy member take off his robe and brining the other boys and girls forward to praise the Lord all mighty. The ground began to hover while the Preacher pulled out his cock and began demanded they, aide, by the Extreme, Religious Fetish all be it the Lord’s!