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Helping a gentleman that loves for me to kidnap young girls for him is something I enjoy. I’ve come to enjoy very much so, as some of those bratty girls deserve exactly what my Men give them! I love to surprise my Men by showing up with a new girl each time. I put a mask over her face so that she can’t see anything or speak. Then once we arrive, I Unleashed her just for the man. 


He most definitely gets shocked! While she doesn’t know what might happen to her. Look what I brought home, just for you, my love. I which to be nothing more than an ageplay accomplice! I did for my father all his life! Kidnapping is my Favorite thing to do. For my love, it’s time for a new time to start all over from scratch. And I plan to allow him to do whatever pleases him most. All kinds of naughty expectations and any devious desires that you think of! Whatever comes to your head now is what I shall follow! So, what shall we play today? What might we do to that little bratty girl that I brought home for you? Tonight is no exception. Let us play an even more devious plan. It can be very Twisted and Devious to Satisfying your Pleasure!


  My workplace at the school makes it so many of my kids I teach from very wealthy families. It was effortless for me to kidnap as they shopped around for the mother, barely even paise attention to them! It was very dark outside last night and when they went out to the car and as the mother had to come back in because she forgot something. She left the girls in the car. And boy, was I lucky, so I walked out and kidnapping them both. They recognized me from school and told them that their mommy wanted them to come back inside. 

Little did they realize I was liking, quality tape up and threw them into my car. And drove off easy peasy and quick! I tied up how’d up in the basement, ready for my man to celebrate! The girls tied up hidden behind the scenes once I turn the lights on poof there, they were oh he was so happy joyful! We are going to have a sexual Ageplay time of our night!