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My bratty bother such a Nerd, and he knows it! Why everyone makes fun of him at school, and this coming weekend he will get even more made fun of at home! Now that he has become a freshman, it is time for me, his bratty girl, and my girlfriends to make fun of him.

Last night while my parents were out of town, I invited my girlfriends over. My brother, of course, was all alone by himself. Poor baby! But it wouldn’t be for long. We can up with a great plan to tease him. My girlfriends and I would barge into his room and start teasing him! As we entered his room, you could tell right away; he was afraid and very nervous. We came in and sat down on his bed, teasing him. The girls began to touch him and making fun of his clothing.


He kept trying to tell us to stop as he began crying as if it was a baby. Oh, poor baby but mommy and daddy aren’t here to protect you. Come on, girls, let us strap him up! They loved it. We tied him up in bed as I undress him so we could see what he looks like. My girlfriends could not stop laugh as his bratty sister told them to strap up her poor nerdy brother. I put on my panties over his face as my girlfriends continued to tease him. Oh, look, his big hairy cock is getting rock hard.

This Bratty Girl love getting my Nerdy Bother all worked up!

Are you going to cry? I kept making fun of him as he was tied up in his bed. Look at that your bratty girl is in full control of her poor nerdy brother! It was so much fun watching him. His dick got hard as we all tease him. He kept was crying as the poor nerdy bro came all of himself.