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My young boy can be and is very demanding! Which he is allowed to do. After all, I am an anything Goes Mommy. He expects mother and son time as if there’s time for nothing else. I enjoy the mommy-son time so much so, that I even allow him to treat me very cruelly and for him to be very dominant to me.

He likes to call me all kinds of wicked names. Ditty filthy name-calling is his cup of tea and gets him off very hard. I’m not quite sure who I raised but he is one naughty little boy! I suppose he gets it all for me. I mean that’s generally how it works they follow our leads. I most definitely started having sex with him the minute he was born and since then he and I have sexual fun meaning anything goes. He loves to be in charge and take full control over our sexual family fun time tighter and I make sure all his wishes come true.

Anything Goes with Mommy Son!

Between Mommy and son, I suppose my bratty name-calling over the years also weighed in on his desire to call me names. But no matter what we do have awesome sex with one another. A family fun time is all about sexual please and anything goes for my son. He is Mommy’s big bro no doubt and I am so very good at pleasing him.  He loves all our sexual time together; he loves my sucking his cock and him sucking my ass.

We have been very naughty and devious with one another. And what do you know something happened that I never thought would happen!  I got pregnant!  Yessiree, my son got me, his Mommy pregnant! Can you believe that I became pregnant with my son’s child! He will be a father and know that anything goes, meaning whatever his wishes will come true!