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Looking for the perfect babysitter? Nanny phone sex will show you a million possibilities out there. Why hire someone you know won’t go the extra mile for you. We offer a trial night with Dad. Who can pass that up?

The night before my new job as a Nanny, I went over to spend a little time with the Father. He wanted to make sure I would give his daughter the best possible care. This would be a practice run, and I would be able to show him my extra special things :::wink:::
Mom was gone for the night, and I got a little one on one Daddy handling. Arriving in a short skirt, thigh-high socks, and a white sweater, his eyes were undressing me the moment I walked in. Though I am qualified to babysit, he was the one who wanted to have his slice of apple pie pussy.


Sitting on his couch, he dove in my honey hole while telling me what he expected of me. It was odd that the only things we spoke of were ones that involved him. Not the subject of the babysitting. At that point, I wondered if there was even someone for me to watch, or was this all for him.
Lapping at my love box, he chewed and gnawed his way into the creamy center. A roll of his tongue and penetration took place. A tongue slipped into my pink rim, sucking on the sweetness. I love having my pussy eaten, and if this was a perk of the nanny job, I would never leave this family.
Slipping a finger inside, he banged my love canal till his cock was ready. Guess what? There was no little one there. He was planning on giving me my own to watch. Silly man, he can practice all he wants, but I will never ruin my little nanny snatch with a big-headed brat.
Nanny Phone Sex doesn’t have to involve a Brat. I babysit all you naughty Daddies too. Book me today.