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I remember the day I caught Daddy and that lady from the church. She was to deliver some meals to the house because Mama was sick. My mom just had surgery and all my dad did was complain that he needed sex. All us girls hod when he would start talking about how bad he wanted pussy, or how horny he was. Now, of course, he never said this to us, but we heard him. He loved to make my mom feel guilty for not feeding his cock all her delicious pussy nectar.

I stayed home sick, well, not sick. Lying about what was wrong. I was so horny that I knew I could never make it through the class. Needing to masturbate and get off all day. I sometimes spend the whole day rubbing my tiny little girl pussy to the thought of daddy using me.
Hiding in the bedroom with my door locked, I heard the woman come in and my dad greets her. “Are you sure she’s sleeping,” giggles followed her whispers. I knew they were touching each other is the dirtiest of ways. These two were sick. Flirting and fondling my daddy in my mother’s house.

Daddy told her that Mom was too sick to care.

I followed the sounds of the voices to the garage. It was there that I saw my daddy bend her over the car hood and pump her pussy with his big long cock. “Oh John, Fuck me hard. Harder, baby,” she screamed, and my father forced himself balls deep inside of her pussy. I think he dented the hood of my mother’s car with the pounding he was giving her.
When daddy finished all over the woman’s ass, I ran back to my room and rubbed my clit til I came. Later I will have a little talk with my father. I think I need a new car.