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Naughty girl Paulina has come to play. Born to a very sexual family, there is nothing that your newest whore wont do. My body rejects normal fucks. Bring me the ones that are a dirty little secret.

Easter weekend with the family, last night was wild. Every holiday weekend my family invites us all to the cabin in the woods. Usually we bring a date, or someone who thinks like us, but not for me this weekend. I didn’t want to have to keep anyone other than me happy. Well Daddy of course, but no one else.
Flirting with an older man, he couldn’t take his eyes off of me. Of course he couldn’t. I’m amazing, and everyone wants a taste of this bald pussy. Super sweet and tight as a glove, when the cock goes in, the cum comes out. Only think that makes me mad is that I make them all cum to quick. Even with all the boys I’ve fucked, my pussy still stays tight. I’m a very lucky girl too. A lot of boys have been inside of me, yet I am still virgin tight.

Naughty girl, you fuck too many Men.

I love when they say that. It’s not a complaint, but rather a show of admiration for my fucking skills. I love when all the cock line up and wait for a stroke in and out of this honey hole of mine. My father and brothers love when I come home, but I love spending time with my Mama first. She has a pussy like mine. Tight, bald, and always eager for fuck. You would think she would need a break, but not Mama. She needs her daughters tongue.
This naughty girl is straight from the text book definition of family slut. I can never get enough of someone who has the same dna as I do.