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No limits mother, sniff dirty panties

No limits mother, sniff dirty panties of my fantasy girls and yeah I encourage you too. Let’s face it so many of you guys like young pretty panties with hearts and rainbows. Even Disni characters get you going.

So why would I deny you that, I mean you want to smell them and see the outline their butts make when they play. Some guys are liking more than the panties. Tights, skirts, leggings, and shoes. We are just going to toss them out anyways. You can borrow them or watch my girls play.

No limits to my girls, or me. Why should there be.

Today I spoke to a guy who wished he had a woman that lived close by that thought like me. This poor guy is stuck buying store bought panties and jerking to them. Never used, and no smell or dirty on them at all. That frikin sucks, no way if I know a guy who needs a pair of dusted panties I will not toss them that way.
My girls are notorious teases too. They know what guys like, and they wear the beautiful dress’s from last year. They may be tight, but I can always point out the guys who like the younger girls. The staring alone gives them away, and when the girls get wedgies they almost pass out. That is when I know they see the lips going all the way up. Some guys I let come and visit while the girls play, and leave the dirty hamper open. So they can pick from the hamper discreetly and look out the window. The view is awesome, we have so much playground equipment, and the girls bounce ALOT.
My boyfriends stay so happy, and their friends. Which means I am knocked up more often than not. The girls like to tease my boyfriends even when they get bathed. Somethings are meant to be and thank heavens for little girls and the guys who like them. Show me a man that needs a small pair of panties and I will show you the lingerie bag that can make them smile. Call up this no limits fantasy mother anytime you like for dirty talk.