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no taboo

Delicate and sweet, this vixen will melt your dick faster than Donald trump tweets. Yes I am new to this site, but not to the wonderful world of no taboo phone sex. Unlimited should have been my middle name, but you get the picture, right? Sometimes we all need a little Serenity to fill the void in our lives.

Hi there. Serenity is here to play, but be warned, when I say that I do it all. I mean it. I had to call someone bluff last night when he told me that I would never do his fantasy. Guess what? He is now TEAM SERENITY! I was given permission to tell his story, but the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

“My mother started dressing me up in girls clothing at a young age.”

I asked how young, but I can’t give you that information here ::wink wink:: She started him in all the pretty things. Skirts, blouses, and fancy little heels. I seen the pictures and I will admit, I could have been fooled by the look. He was stunning as a cross dressing female. So much so that if I was looking for a new lesbian lover, I would think he really had a pussy.

What does no taboo mean to you?

Here is where it got tricky. Mommy always wanted a daughter, so she made one. She even sat down and had a girl to girl facts of life chat. You know, about boys, dating, and periods. My caller was so ashamed to tell me that Mommy made him use tampons. I guess you know where they were put. Once a month she would force him to insert a tampon in his ass. He had to do this for 4 days a month. If he dressed like a girl, he needed to be a girl.

I love sharing no taboo stories with the write men, and I will always be the one you can confess them to.