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There is a guy I have fun with from time to time. He has an amputation fantasy, I call it nugget sex. There is a neighbor down the block, most men shy away from her.

She was in an accident and has no legs or arms and they are stumps. my friend expressed to me how much he desires her. Being who I am, I went and got to know her. She is beautiful and finding out she wants to get pleasure as much as he wants to give it to her.

Accomplice play isn’t always something nefarious.

I find myself inviting her over for some dinner with my friend and me. We put a pretty dress on her with lacy panties. When we eat dinner he is going to see how good of an accomplice I am. She is going to have to have help eating. We walk back and her in the wheelchair to the door. You can almost smell his anticipation through the door. He has 3 places set up at the table. Getting her fork lined up placing it to her lips she bites it soft. Looking over at him and I can see how excited he is.

Making a motion for him to go towards to room. Whisper in her ear and let her know that I am going to bring her to the room. Pushing her chair, I can hear him jacking off so he can last longer. She does have nice breasts, something like a perky C cup. Curiosity is striking me and I will soon find out about that pussy she is harboring. Arriving at the room he helps me get the wheelchair through the door. We put her on the bed and undress her.

Have you ever found yourself stroking to the thought of a nugget?

As I thought her body is beautiful. He lies down and starts kissing her belly and arm stumps move. He is kissing down to that pussy with a cute heart landing strip. Opening her lips with his wet tongue and she moans aloud. I get down and pull his cock out and stroke him getting him hard. Some residue of his session earlier seeps on my fingers. Putting my fingers to her lips and she licks it up. He gets his cock inside of her and rubs her arms stubs and he almost blew with that alone.