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“You need to come to pick up your mother. We can’t handle her anymore. She is too much of a cougar.” That is what I heard as soon as I answered the phone. It was the nursing home calling. Wasn’t like it surprised me. It was the third nursing home she had gotten kicked out of.

These are the problems you expect with your children, not old ladies. What to do now? Do I bring her home? Find another home that isn’t as frigid about nursing home sex? My mom has been a cougar as far back as I can remember. Getting older isn’t going to stop that. If she can find a granny lover, she is sure to be fucking. That is the whole reason she wanted to go into the nursing home to begin with. There wasn’t enough cock around the neighborhood. She reasoned that if she had plenty of cock up and down the hallways, she could get laid any time she wanted. Who am I to argue with that logic?

Since I am as big a whore as mom, I can’t get angry at the old cougar.

I arrived at the nursing home and try to reason with the administrator. They told me when she entered the home, they did not have a problem with Mom being a cougar. Old lady sex was natural they said. The administrator assured me her having sex wasn’t the problem. The problem was Mom didn’t limit her conquests to other residents. She told me since my mother had arrived at the home, they had to fire six employees for fucking my mom. They had counseled her but she continued in her pursuit of young cock. Giving up, I go to her room to collect her and her things. Walking in, I find mom in cowgirl position riding a cock half her age. She had to get one last fuck in before leaving. I had to be envious of the old slut.
I closed the door for the cougar to finish her business. Mom calls out to me to come back in a few minutes later. She introduces me to her young lover. He winks at me and tells me he will be seeing me soon. Mom had offered him a mother/daughter threesome. Some things never change!