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office sex

Your cock aches in your tight slacks as you stare at the big ass of the secretary bending over the copy machine. Ever since she started, you have been fantasizing about how hot and steamy the office sex would be with her! You have to find excuses to come out of the office and talk to her, standing over her while she sits in her swivel chair. This gives you the perfect angle to look down her blouse as her perfect round tits!

Every morning when you arrive, your dick starts to twitch before you even walk through the door. You wonder what naughty outfit she will have picked out to tease you with today. She tends to choose a combination of high heels, tight pencil skirts, and pantyhose. Up top, her shirt is always unbuttoned one more button than what is office appropriate. All this paired with her smart, sexy glasses gives you the craziest office sex fantasies!

Around lunchtime, when most of the staff head out to grab a bite to eat, you often lock yourself in your office. Closing the blinds, you sit behind your desk and pull out your fat man meat, knowing it needs some release! Closing your eyes and tilting your head back in your fancy chair, you picture the hot secretary. You imagine her walking up to your desk, pushing your papers onto the floor, and sitting down on the edge.

She is waiting for some intense office sex.

Her skirt would lift up as she spread her legs, revealing that she had no panties on for you. You would grab her thighs, spreading them wide before burying your face in her honey pot. Tongue lapping, your hungry mouth would eat her up as she ran her fingernails through your hair. Once she was nice and wet, you would flip her around and bend her over your desk for some nasty office sex!

Your hand pumps harder as you imagine filling her tight cunt with your shaft. You would have to put a hand over her mouth in an attempt to muffle her moans and screams from the rest of your coworkers! Next time, you might even leave the door unlocked to see if you can make your fantasy come true!

Are you ready to roleplay some taboo office phone sex fun? Call me while you are at work and cum while she is in the next room! I promise that I won’t tell your boss!