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office sex

Office sex, when I look back, was the start of my personal road to hell. Ok, not that place, but it started an addiction to power fucking. And by that I mean leaving middle management behind and screwing my way to the top of the business world.

The workplace environment cultivated a corporate whore in me. When I saw what my looks, body and mind combined had gotten me so far, I knew I’d found the career path to success. Many an aspiring secretary from entry level has used these same whiles to get what they want. None perfected it like me. Those girls could have the small potatoes, I had a champagne and caviar taste. You can’t afford that with go-betweens. I went right to the top.

I never thought I’d be a cheating wife. Of course, I married for money. It was not at all for the sex, but we have an affectionate marriage. He knows that he never measured up in the sexual compatibility department. And to be completely honest it turns him on when I remind him of the fact. There is a plethora of ways to keep him under control. You can’t live with a man for so long without finding out his secrets.

Small cock humiliation makes him submissive as hell. He was not the least bit effeminate when we dated. When I caught him watching gay porn he admitted how much he fantasized about cocksucking. It worried him I would think he was a faggot. I assured him that sucking dick was a great thing and why should women get all the fun?

The guys I used for my office sex toys would make great bucks for him!

One night while we celebrated our anniversary we decided to throw caution to the wind. We ordered a 3rd bottle of wine after dinner. Since the owner of the bistro was a friend of ours he put us in an Uber and sent us home. We’d known him since college. He was a schoolmate of ours. Instead of kissing my cheek as he usually did when we parted, he hit me full on in the mouth with a kiss.

Before my surprise could register I saw that my husband was stroking his cock through his pants. Sure, we were more than tipsy but as far as I knew nothing like this had ever happened. A great idea crept into my mind. As we left the café for our ride home I whispered into the restaurant owner’s ear to be at our house in 30 minutes. He winked and agreed!

He was our first fling with cuckolding and my hubs and I decided we had a taste for that. I loved watching him rub his little cock while he watched our friend pound his 8 inches into me. Seeing his pathetic dick squirt while Jacob was pounding into me WOW! Like a meat piston, had me in a screaming orgasm in no time at all.

Without even asking my husband fell to his knees and started cleaning off Jacob’s cock like a natural. Right then I pictured him at my company’s Christmas parties. Yeah, I definitely pictured some future threesomes in our near future. He became a mainstay in my office sex games. And to his credit, he did earn me a few extra bonus promotions! We started having private parties at our house for upper management and administration. Suffice it to say, it sure has helped out my career.

I made partner at the firm partly in due to his office sex whoring tendencies.

The way that he went total sub once a cock his mouth was HOT. When he performed at company functions in the VIP room spiced up our life together. He could go from masculine to simpering cocksucker in a moment. The way he begged for a load of cum, made him Paid off in negotiations more than once. He looked like James Bond in a tuxedo. But once we take him back where the top dogs let loose, he turned into the sluttiest cum eating office sex whore. a CEO could want…to feed his load to, that is.

I love watching him perform. If enjoying that makes me one of the guys I can live with that. I can take comfort in knowing that I can fuck any one of them whenever I want and my spouse doesn’t object at all.

He may have married a corporate whore but he was the office sex queer with the rug burns on his knees. And he wore them like a badge of honor. He’s my little cum slut and I love him that way. All that practicing office sex at company functions turned him into the a great fluffer!