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older man

I don’t know when I first noticed the older man across the street paying attention to me. Mr. Pierce was the one man on the block that most of the young ones made up stories about. He killed his wife? He was super rich, or best one of all. He was gay. All of those proved to be wrong, but I promised him I would always keep his secret.

I had just hit the tween years when Mr. Pierce noticed me. 4th of July weekend my street always had a block party. You know the kind. Fireworks, hot dogs, and old glory flying on every porch. The littles all played in the sprinklers, ate popsicles, and tossed water balloons. That year was the best because I was allowed my first bikini. I didn’t have the boobs for it, but I thought I was so hot. None of the boys my own age seemed to notice, but Mr. Pierce, he couldn’t stop watching me. Red, white, and blue, the small bathing suit fit like a glove. Depending on how I moved, it barely covered my ass cheeks.


As the sunset that Independece day, my innocent mind learned a valuable lesson. If you tease and older man, you will get punished. My parents busied themselves with beer and wine coolers, while Mr. Pierce showed me a different kind of fireworks.

Caught behind the old shed to his house, the older man stood jacking off and watching me play with sparklers. I knew the moment I saw him it would be a mistake, but curiosity killed my pussy cat. His large hands gripped around my waist as he pulled my tiny bottoms off. I felt his bare cock rub between my pretty pink pussy. It wasn’t until the first fireworks lit up the sky did he push the entire shaft all the way in. The applause from the crowd drowned out my screams of pain. He fucked my virgin pussy with no mercy. I cried as I watched the burst of lights in the sky, and Mr. Pierce, he shot his firecracker deep inside of my young teen cunt.

Happy 4th of July.