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panty boy

Having my very own panty boy is exhilarating. The power you have over someone who is in the closet and afraid of his secret getting out makes a girl moist.

Usually, I tend to be more submissive, certain things bring out the dominant streak in me. It’s fun to do calls with him and make the demands of the toys he must have. He is to wear panties to work sometimes with the mixing of a sheer pair of control top stockings. Not like to hear him complain, letting him know if he doesn’t do this I will tell someone. I created a panty boy.

He has no limits like myself. After he gets home and takes those pants off that is when he is to get into the panties I want him to wear. Before he gets in those we play and gab about our day. He describes the way the stockings feel underneath his fingertips.

A panty boy gets me off so hard.

Lying down and spreading his legs. He gets hard when he snaps the band of the top against his waist and feels like a cock loving addict in those stockings. Keep on rubbing those up and down with the nice gams he has.

Letting this panty boy enjoy it for a couple of minutes. I then tell him to get his vibrator and butt plug ready. So pathetic this loser is, and a small dick this fellow is packing. It makes me giggle. Telling him to get the silky panties. that ride up to his buttcheeks and the garter belt and thigh high black stockings. That cock if you can call it that is to be hard at all times if the head even reaches out the top of the panties. He springs up as the material rubs against those marbles.

Next time I do a call with this loser, I am going to have him on video and take screenshots. Will love to tease him that I will share those. Tell him he has become a full-on sissy panty boy if he doesn’t fuck his ass the way I say to. Needing my permission before he even thinks about dribbling. When I find out that he doesn’t wear the panties to work, he is afraid the top will show in his pants. I should make him wear high heels. There will punishment for not being obedient in what I am craving for my own personal amusement.