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party girl phone sexMy party girl came to life when I was young. I grew up in a house with very strict parents. They were ultra-conservatives and I grew up a spoiled suburban brat. Don’t get me wrong; even though I was spoiled I had a price to pay for that. I always had to be the best. They compelled me to do homework for 3 hours every night. If I told them I didn’t have any, they’d make some up for me to complete. I rebelled every chance I got.

I started using this tight coed body before I was a barely legal campus slut. Mr. Jeffries was my last High School, a biology teacher. Sometimes he gave me extra credit for a special anatomy assignment when I didn’t ace a test. All I had to do was a verbal, oral, and live demonstration of fellatio. You’ll have him to thank for the first blowjob I give you. He helped me perfect my technique.

In my senior year, I began experimenting on adult chat lines. I couldn’t help myself. I’m addicted to mutual masturbation. It made perfect sense to discover I am a phone sex junkie. So what better way for me to make extra cash for college? Who doesn’t wanna get off? I know I do! And, I love to get paid for doing that little dance with my fingers on this sweet, pink pussy. There is no shame in loving your own body and taking care of yourself. And I do that every time I can in every way I can. After I graduated I was college-bound. Frat parties and body shots were nightly occurrences. This party girl could never get enough. Matter of fact, I still can’t. That’s why I like to prowl college town party life now.

Being a party girl opens a lot of doors!

Last night I met the dude at a club. He was older, and I assumed rich because he threw money around like it was no big deal. When he told me he was an athlete I was like all, “Sure you are”. I didn’t give a fuck, as long as he was spending cash on me. Mr. Moneybags splurged for a private party room. He even invited some of his football player friends to come to play with us. I had my pick of beautiful, buff jocks to fuck all night long. I was riding BBC, giving a sloppy blowjob and handjobs in each hand for hours. That shit was hot. Tonight he and I are going to have a one on one, and I’ve promised to be his naughty schoolgirl. I’m going to show him what Mr. Jeffries taught me! Like I said, being a party girl pays off.