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party girl

I call myself a party girl. You may call me white trailer trash or even crack ho mommy. No matter what you call me, you keep on coming back for more. All the men in the trailer park know the party is always going on in my corner of the park.

Come on in and take a seat on the couch. You did bring Mama’s candy with you, right? Let Mama Mona suck on that pipe first and then I’ll suck on yours. You know it’s always a sure thing when you come to Mona’s trailer. Don’t worry about those little rugrats running around. They always see Mama rolling that bowl and getting geeked out of her mind. They know what comes next, too. Getting geeked always makes Mama Mona want to fuck. But you knew that, right? That’s why you always bring me such good treats. This party girl is ready to get busy so let’s take it to the bedroom so we can get more comfortable.

This party girl is always ready for action.

Don’t think I don’t see the way you undress my little ones with your eyes. I know your perverted ass wants to feel how tight those holes would feel on your cock. For the right price, we can make that happen. They don’t come as cheap as Mama though. You gonna have to have more than that little dove sack to get in those holes. Yeah, Mama has been prepping them, but I am still taking bids on their cherries. You gotta pay to play and my precious ones are gonna go for a high price. I wouldn’t sell that sweetness for less than an 8 ball. Until you gather enough cash or dope, you can get busy fucking this party girl pussy.

If you are really good, I may even let the little slut-in-training come and suck on your pipe. Do you think you deserve a little preview of that sweet honey?