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Human ATM

I love weak men, men are easy and crave me. I can always get them to do what I want, how could I not? I have long pretty hair, nice perky breasts, and legs up to my throat. You will be nothing more than my human ATM.

That is right, I will rape your wallet whenever the fuck I please. I know you’re dirty secrets. You don’t want the wife to find out, now do you? Those times we got drunk together even though I am not supposed to, I took some compromising photos of you.

How does it feel you a dirty pig to be a human ATM, to have no real worth?

No one but me knows how much of a cock addict you are in secret. You are a dirty daddy, I went through your phone and saw the pictures of you and that youngling. You are close to an addict to that young cock more than a slut. I will expose you if you don’t keep paying, that could cost you quite a bit. I am not the little bitch to cross. Meet me at your bank and withdraw the amount in the triple digits. Hand it to me on your knees with your teeth sinking into all that cash.

If you don’t agree to this, there is always blackmail with extortion. I doubt you want to pull a stunt like that though. You have everything to lose and I have nothing to lose but, a little credibility. If looks could kill you would be dead so be lucky they don’t. I love the feeling that you are weak and crying in your bed. Not believing that a slutty teen like myself is taking such advantage. You are a sick fuck, so dirty pathetic human ATM hand that cash over and make me wetter.