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It’s perverted stories hour. I tell about the sick and twisted, and you jack your dick while listening. Today were going to explore snowballing. The art of taking cum in your mouth and feeding it to a friend. I like sharing.
A threesome wasn’t planned with my friend Hannah, but when she caught me in bed with her boyfriend, she joined. I guess you could say she was a little pissed that he had came inside of my bald little pussy. So much so that she compelled me to spread and let her take the cum from me. When the pussy get fucked for hours the last thing you want is to have your clit sucked. She demanded it though. Said the cum inside of me was hers.

The perverted bitch wanted the cum back!

Sucking, slurping, and begging, she compelled me to cum just so she could get all the jizz from my honey hole. I gushed into her mouth and when it was full, she spat it right in my face. I deserved it. Once she covered my kisser, she licked it all off me, feeding me from her tongue. This bitch was no limits crazy
Feeding me like a bird, we swapped back and forth till it was frothy and warm, than, hahaha we fed him. He was screaming and reluctant, but with the encouragement of a threesome, he complied. Not sure he loved the taste of his cum and our spit, but a slap to the back got him to swallow. I can be such a nasty bitch. I am not even ashamed of that though.
Perverted tales of lust, greed, and devious seductions are on the table today. Can you share with me, and I will lead you down a path of hell. I promise it will hurt a lot.