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pony play

I have always loved pony playtime with Daddy. As far back as I can remember, Daddy would put me on his lap and bounce me up and down. The whole time I would giggle and say “Giddy Up, Daddy!”, over and over. As I got older, the game began to change.

  One day Daddy brought home a new Daddy Saddle for our pony play time. It was a pretty pink Princess Saddle. First, Daddy strapped it on his back and rode me around on all fours for hours. Daddy always did make me feel like a Princess, so I loved my new Daddy saddle. Then my Daddy sat in his recliner with the saddle on his lap. Once again, I climbed aboard my saddle and bounced up and down. Giddy Up Horsey, I giggled over and over. That’s when I noticed there was a hole in my saddle. At first, I was sad to see it, but then I realized my toy could be even more fun now.

Daddy had altered my Daddy Saddle so our pony play would be more fun!

  The hole in my Daddy Saddle was about the right size for my Daddy’s big cock to fit through. I was bouncing up and down on his lap when I noticed he had indeed put his Daddy dick through the hole in my horsey saddle. When Daddy moved my panties over to the side, Giddy Up took on a whole new meaning. Daddy puts his hands firm on my hips and pulled me down hard on the saddle. His horsey was a tight fit, but he squeezed it inside my little cunny. I started slow, but it wasn’t long before Daddy had me riding his horsey like a bucking bronco. I held on tight and enjoyed the ride.

Pony play was so much fun for this little cowgirl.   Pony play time is different now, but I still love it as much as always. I love when Daddy puts his big Daddy dick through my saddle for me to ride it like a good cowgirl. Giddy up Daddy, Giddy Up!