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public masturbation

Public masturbation has been both the bringer of every one of my most sinfully delicious pleasures. The cause of each of my many downfalls.  No matter how much I have been lectured or dragged to confession. Or brought before a judge, I just can’t stop!

I have simply lost track of the countless jobs from which I have been fired. All because I couldn’t resist showing my pussy in my car at lunchtime.  And I couldn’t even tell you anymore the number of giant black studs who came across me in the bushes in the park.
From the time I was old enough to feel sexual longing. My life has been one tortuous struggle with the seemingly self-destructive. I desire to play with my pussy in places where I ran a great risk of getting caught.  Up through my late 20s, it was enough for me to sneak off by myself, find a poorly hidden vantage point. Lift my dress, and go to town. Getting wetter and wetter with each passer-by who almost saw me, building to a very vocal orgasm that couldn’t be had until I was truly caught.

Solo public masturbation was enough to satiate, at least for a few hours.

Maybe it’s because I’ve reached an age where the number of unticked items on my bucket list is too many. Or perhaps it’s because I’ve simply become lonelier.  He’s given complete control to decide when what, and how I start touching myself. What, if any, toys I use – all without my being able to refuse their guidance.
The possibilities here are endless and dangerous!  My partner could take me to a public library. Somewhere where social rules demand near silence and hand me the biggest, loudest vibrator they can find, and I would have to use it.
Oh no, they wouldn’t.  They couldn’t, could they?  I mean, it’s possible, but is anyone THAT twisted?? Oh, I’m sorry. An idea for a public masturbation location just came to me that you’re not going to believe, and having heard about it, you won’t rest until you can make me do it.  Want more details?  Call me, Love!