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I want you to pull on my pigtails and then blow in my mouth, let’s get that hot air going. I have always told by men how cute I am in fact cute as a button some would say because I am so petite and thin.

Having guys mistaking my age all the time and it makes me giggle. I love wearing pigtails they make me feel adorable. They are also good for when it’s time to get a good pounding from a real man, he can use them as a handle. I kind of like teasing in the way that I love sucking on a lollipop like I would the head of your shiny dick. My warm wet mouth with my tongue darting and sucking. I can taste the pre cum already, bad boy.

You wish this Lolli was your dick

You found yourself here, so that must mean you have hot tiny teens like me on your mind and in your fantasies. I love being risque and teasing a nice thick prick with my tight body and of course my pigtails a horny guy can pull on.I love a man not afraid to be dirty.

Do you wanna pull my pigtails?

Let’s face it somewhere down in every guy’s mind is a side they might not want to embrace. And that is littles like me wearing pigtails. It adds that element of bratty little ones. I will put that fantasy out of you or any man. There are guys who live around here who assume I am so much younger and try to get a piece of this. One of those dirty men even grabbed on to my handles and pushed me against a wall feeling my flat tummy. I love being bouncy and I am always a happy girl.