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Racial humiliationRacial humiliation with a Fantasy making Goddess. Bestowed to every color in your Crayola rainbow. You see, in this day and time of extreme fetish’s, there are those that are still taboo.

Social convention states it, race, religion, creed, color… are sacred right? Well unless it is your right to indulge in such taboo’s. Because these kind of antics turn you on.

Racial humiliation fetish is your prerogative.

Until you type it in a search engine, and get null results. Or if you are able to strike upon it once, it will be removed by bots. Now this is a candy coated blog dripped in disdain. Never do I have to bite my tongue about other fantasies. This, fantasy, is set apart due to the nature and stigma by politically correct jug heads.
Do not get me wrong, no one should be treated, or exposed to such harsh treatment. Not because of their race, color, religion, or sexuality. However when we as consenting adults want a fantasy to knock you down a peg or two. Using slurs, slanders, and terms that arouse you. Well, blogging about them here, would make this blog disappear.
Therefor, you will have to think for yourself. If you are indeed capable. How a porcelain skinned, Southern Belle Domination Mistress with an Ivy League education no less. Would chin check you, and barb you. Every piece of you tattered inside and out. Other’s will lie to you, trying to be accepted, showing we are all equal.

Racial humiliation no culture, creed, or race denied.

But when it comes down to facts, and kink. This Mistress Goddess will put you on blaze. Catching your kink on fire, while I batter your ego. Creatures, men, women like you. We are all different for a reason, and no matter how much people may disagree, we all have our worth.
When you call me for racial humiliation there is much detail added. These fantasy wrecking pussies, infringe upon my writing, however .. they can not upon my words. Talk to you soon, and walk you to racial humiliation doom. You will plead and beg for more, culture whore. @}}~~~ Mistress Lynn