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I’ve done many, many rape fantasies, but none like the one I’ve done a few moments ago! It was with a hot and horny Papi who’ve I’ve seen once or twice in the chatroom.  He took a chance on me because I’m the new piece of ass. I’m glad he did. Like I said earlier, this fantasy was different.

His name was PleasureDelay. He liked the way I greeted him in chat. He asked how I was doing and I replied that I was feeling extra naughty. I guess it piqued his interest because he PMed me right away. We chatted for a little bit, talking about the fantasy he had in mind. I was all ears. He wanted me to be the socialite-type girl who was America’s sweetheart. Soon became the celebrity everyone loved to hate. The dropping ratings, internet hate, and tabloid drama drove the pint home. I bring this up to PleasureDelay.

He came up with the perfect pitch: a humiliating, violent rape fantasy.

He said if we do what he suggests, the sympathy will pour in and I will be the queen of reality TV again. I told him I’m willing to do anything. He called the secretary in, with a tape recorder, notepad, and pen in hand, ready to take dictation. We then got down to business. He wanted a rape fantasy, and I wanted him.

My trip to Paris was coming up, so we decided that would be the time.  One condition though: he was to be the one doing me. I gave consent to have him cut open my blouse with a knife and ripping off my bra to make my tits pop out. Doing so he could suck, lick and bite my nipples. I was too deep throat his cock until I choked. The more he suggested, the more I heard cash registers ring in my head. I also gave consent for him to be of sound mind and body to suck my toes. To rip off the rest of my clothes and fuck my pussy and ass while bent over. He wanted his cock covered in my filth and cum overflowing from both my holes.

Being a bitch took me down a deviant road.

The fun wasn’t going to stop there. My sister won’t know what we have planned for her, so she was to get the same treatment I got. She was being kind of a bitch lately, so I had no problem giving my consent! I was to force her to do clean-up jobs on both his cock and my splooge-filled cunt and poop chute. I agreed to hold her down while he fucked her rough.

Here’s what will make America feel sorry for me and love me again…I had to help him do the same to my daughter. I had a choice to help him out or lose her forever. I chose to help him by guiding his cock inside her virgin snatch until I egged him on to blow his load inside her.

When done, we both agreed this rape fantasy would work. I’ll be America’s sweetheart once again.