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School girl

When my parents shipped me off to boarding school, I was pissed! But once I got here, I realized how much fun it can be, especially for an adventurous girl like me. I have access to all kinds of naughtiness. My girlfriends and get into kinky school girl fun. We’ve acquired lots of toys to play with to keep it real and raunchy. But this school girl has yet to go all the way.

I have issues with time. It seems I am late to class every day. My teachers are usually forgiving, especially if I stay after class to help them. The Headmaster is not so lenient. He called me to his office last week and things became heated. I was in serious trouble.

Walking into his office was intimidating. He has a huge desk and a leather sofa and the walls are lined with books. He sat me down in one of his chairs and paced around me. I could sense his anger and disappointment. I was shaking in my knee socks and ponytails. What would my punishment be?

I love being a school girl, and the punishment too.

He leaned down and whispered in my ear. “You are late to class every single day. What is the problem?”

His tone made me nervous and excited. I looked up at him and shrugged my shoulders in defiance. He was not pleased and pulled me from the chair to the desk.

“It seems you need direction. Maybe you will respond to more to my birch.”

He pulled a thin wooden stick from behind his back and struck my backside. I yelped in pain. He had me lean over the desk as he carried out his discipline. I felt him standing closer to me. I heard the sound of him unzipping his pants. He yanked my panties off and pushed himself inside me.

It was my first time in the Headmaster’s office. And it was my first time having sex. He took his time as he thrusted in and out of my virgin hole. I loved it. Soon I felt like a real-life Lolita.

I continue to have issues with punctuality. And I seem to stay in trouble. Headmaster calls me into his office every day. And every day, I learn a bit more. Boarding school is great! Call me and let’s talk about school girl phone sex!