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For as long as I can remember, I have always been a kinky little whore. My first introduction to the joys of outdoor sex games came at a young age when I lifted my dresses up on the playground.

I would let them line up under the slide and take turns touching my barely legal mound. Even though I was wearing a pair of cotton panties, the outline of my puffy slit was visible to their prying eyes. I loved to watch their peckers perk up at full attention at the sight of me, it made me feel so pretty! I would allow some of the older boys to bend me over the swing set and hump against me when teachers were not looking! Was this sex?
When I got a little older, I became obsessed with getting my pussy fucked out in the open where anyone could see! I recall one time in particular after a big homecoming football game. After we won, our school’s exhausted players needed some serious sexual release. Lucky for them, there I was waiting outside the locker room when everyone else had left! We went out onto the field where they had won the game of their lives only an hour before. That night, I let twelve guys gang bang my slutty cunt right there on the football field. It was my naughtiest outdoor sex session experience yet!

Sex was the best.

Now, in my adulthood, I can go wherever my heart desires to fulfill my lust for kinky outdoor sex. My boyfriend and I love to pack a little picnic and take it to our local park. We lay a blanket out in a secret spot we found. It allows us to be close to the other people enjoying the day without them seeing us. Last weekend, we were almost caught when a young guy came running towards us to catch his Frisbee! I had to yank my skirt down before he saw my bare bottom!
The one place I still have not gotten to fulfill my desire is on a gorgeous beach! That is my ultimate outdoor sex fantasy. A blanket on the sand, the sound of waves crashing nearby, and a sunset providing a warm aura. The risk of getting caught adding to the immense sexual pleasure.
I bet you have a couple of naughty outdoor sex stories to share, too, don’t you? I would love to hear them, in all the nasty detail you can remember! Call now and let’s have some phone sex fun!