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shower sex

For as long as I can remember, I have had an absolute obsession with naughty Shower Sex!

There is something about the mixture of steam and cool tiles on your back that drives me insane with lust. The feel of hot water trickling over my sexy big boobs and down to my trimmed pussy lips. It is like the heat intensifies the experience tenfold! I mean, most of the time I take a shower after sex anyway, so might as well kill two birds with one wet stone, right?

Actually, Shower Sex with a total stranger is how I met my current wonderful boyfriend. About a year ago, on a family camping trip, I was the last of our crew to head to the washroom that particular evening. We had been water skiing on the lake all day, and my fatigued body was in need of a rinse. It had turned dark only moments before, and most of the campground had settled in for the night. Dressed in flip flops and a hot pink robe, I grabbed my soap and toothbrush and headed for the stalls.

I wanted shower sex so bad.

The site had coed bathrooms, with male and female toilets on each end and shared showerheads in the middle. It was empty, which is what I had hoped for. I picked a spot and set all my things down before slipping my robe off of my girlish shoulders. I hang it on one of the provided hooks before turning on the water to warm up. I set up my phone on a nearby bench, turning on some music and dancing my way over to the stream. Let me say, at this point, Shower Sex was the absolute last thing on my mind!

But then he walked in, wearing only sandals and a towel around his toned waist. The six-pack was immaculate and his sharpened jawline made my knees weak. Our eyes met and he showed his bright white teeth. After picking a spot and setting up, he took his towel off. I had to force my jaw to keep from hitting the tile floor! A ten-inch cock sprung from its cage, and to say it looked ready to play would be an understatement. I glanced up, realizing that I had been staring at his big dick, and met his eyes once again. He began to walk towards me.

Stay tuned for me details on one of my hottest Shower Sex experiences! Call now for some nasty phone sex to hear more now!