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When your sister-in-law asked you to come help set up her Halloween decorations, you smiled. Your wife thought it was so sweet of you to go help her baby sister out like you are always so willing to do.

She had always said how it was super sweet that the two of you were so close. As you got in the car, you chuckled thinking about what a stupid whore you ended up married to! The poor thing was clueless beyond belief at what had been happening behind her back for years.
Your thick cock began to twitch in your pants as you sped down the street. Pulling out your dick, you spit on your hand and begin to rub the head, already horny for your tight sister-in-law. Pre-cum dribbles down your fingertips while you imagine suckling her perfect, perky tits. Your car turns onto her street right as you think you are about to burst a load all over the steering wheel.
When you pull up to her house, the decorations are already up, as you knew they would be. There was something else she needed your help with. Your naughty sister-in-law left the front door unlocked, so you help yourself inside. As you make your way up the stairs, items of your clothing begin falling to the ground. You’re naked with your cock at full standing as you walk into the master bedroom you know so well.

How bad do you want your sister-in-law?

Laying on the bed, naked and sprawled out is your sister-in-law, waiting for you like a patient good girl. One hand is massaging her puffy clit while the other pulls on a pointy nipple. Her back arched off the bed when she sees you, her pussy in need of her favorite secret taboo lover. Diving between her slender legs, your tongue finds her center and begins to drink her warm love juice. Grabbing a handful of your hair, you growl with lust as your sister-in-law pushes your face into her cunny! God, she squirts so much better than your wife does.
Hours later, you arrive back home to your smiling wife. As she gives you a hug, you plant a wet kiss onto her waiting lips. She has no idea it is her younger sibling’s cum making your mouth glisten! Ready to have some more fun without her knowing? Call now for some more naughty family fun fantasies! Whose pussy do you want to pound next?