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slumber party

The summer after high school is going to be the best! My girlfriends and I have made some hot slumber party porn. Not only will we make tons of money in our x-rated movies, but we get to fuck all the older men.

We started doing our slumber party porn the day school was out. I hosted a party at my parents’ guest house, and all my young girl friends came. First rule was that we had to bring a sexy outfit to model. I brought this little pink ruffled nightie. Lace and bows are my favorite accessories.

Can you imagine 10 slumber party sluts ready to party?

Okay, so we set up the camera’s and everyone came dressed for a slut parade. Each girl introduced herself and told what they like sexually.

“Hi, I’m Trina. I love oral and anal sex. My mom says the poop hole is the loop hole, and anal is safe.”

I can’t get pregnant if I only take it in the ass or swallow, right?

So, once everyone arrived, I ordered some pizza. Who knew the delivery driver could be so hot? He was older, of course, and wow, he didn’t even charge us once we invited him inside of the house. His dick was hard, and he told us he could deliver us all something special. A cock in a box! :::giggles:::

One by one, we all took turns sitting on his face and sucking his cock. Wowzers! He was so big that he stretched my tiny jaws open. What a slumber party surprise when he came right down my cock sucking throat.

With a mouth full of cum I sat on his face and didn’t even swallow a drop. Riding his tongue I waited until he made me squirt before swallowing all his jizz. God damn, it was such a hot slumber party. You should see the video. It’s so dirty that we’ve decided to make more.