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snuff fantasy

Our discreet snuff fantasy film will take place in a quaint and unassuming cabin that rests quietly deep in the woods. The thick log walls contain sounds and keep them from escaping. The trees know our secrets, and the trees keep them.

My client, The Director, asked me to find him, someone, that wouldn’t be missed because he had always wanted to see a Snuff Fantasy Porn live. He did not, however, give me much time to prepare. Luckily, I’m a deviant little accomplice with many connections. I gave a call to my good friend Mea, the founder and curator for The Petite Pussy Emporium. She had the perfect little treat to suit our needs. The doll in question was a little too old, and a little too used to be of any use to Mea’s big spenders, but was still a little hottie, once we got her cleaned up. We got her for a steal of a deal. I must admit, forgetting the byproduct of her more profitable trades, the customer service, and product packaging were superb!

The Emporium even delivered the star of our Fantasy Snuff Film to the cabin!

Well, they brought her most of the way to the cabin, anyhow. I had to finish walking the doomed diva for the 2-mile hike to the cabin. There is no other way to access it. Gagged and with arms and hands bound together and tight to her chest, her jaw and tits must have hurt like hell, but it soon wouldn’t matter. The hike to the Snuff Fantasy Film set took longer than it should have, due to her shackles. Nevertheless, they made the trip less problematic for me. I finally got the snuff bunny to the cabin, but it took so long that I really had to hurry. I only had a couple of hours to get this hot mess cleaned up into something hot before The Director arrived!

It wasn’t an easy task, she finally decided to get spunky, but a little jolt from my taser put her back in line while I cleaned her up and redressed her to wait for The Director. She sat real still after I placed her in that position, I just had to threaten her with another jolt and she started behaving. He arrived an hour after I had her set. The Director arrived with his… camera crew.

They started setting up lights and preparing for the Snuff Fantasy Porn while the director started looking over his leading actress. Hence, she was scared, and rightly so, she was a rising star that was about to burn itself out. They started pulling out toys and chains. There was a very distinguished set of knives rolled out on the table. Our little drama queen started to sob, and The Director got a huge smile… Annnnnd… ACTION!