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Southern accent delivered fascinating dirty secretsSouthern accent delivered fascinating dirty secrets to one pervert at a time. All last week I had one kinky tabooist after another. Each gem of filth made cocks rise in rapid order despite their origin.

Personally that turns me on more than most. Listening to you enjoy a Southern Belle with a filthy mind.. excites me. From the other end of the receiver I can listen as your climax builds. Sometimes we share hot secrets, other times I am your fantasy accomplice.

Southern whispers draw you to my bosom.

Fascinating revelations come to pass when my southern drawl dials you in closer. Finding yourself telling me secrets from the past, which you locked away.. forever. It gives me so much power against your will, when I slap them down in my garden of taboo.
Painting illicit stories, or guiding you past the realm of fetish.. you normally find yourself dancing in. Bringing you from the vanilla zone, into the red hot labyrinth in which you fear drives me. With each moan, groan, and orgasm I find myself closer to you then your last breath.. lost in your confessions.
With your hand stroking to my instruction my arousal wraps around your shaft. Milking you with my sweet words, illustrated with echo’s of your past. Tawdry pleasantries expressed in words so sweet on the vine, you know not what is coming until it hits you. Laying you back on your shoulders with sweat beading up on your brow.
Every time I feel your cock edging, and your cum seeping from its slot. I let another Southern word dance across your tip from my lips. Egging you on with your secret thoughts, and combining our fantasies. Taking your burden into my conscious, I become your sin eater. Feasting upon every taboo no one else knows of, and then I am your accomplice demanding more.

Southern charm, sweet taboo.

Chiseling your granite dick with my hot southern accent lips. Making you beg and plead to tell me more. Effectively turning you into my man slut, an insatiable sin loving super whore. Twin balls full of cum filled loads begging to be released. This is the only action I ask of you, from call to call.
Have you heard of the Southern Honey Lipped Mistress Lynn? The one whom dances with the devil in the pale moon light. Come darling let me drive your mind mad with sin. It is to your advantage, to let my mind win.. or not.. These Southern thoughts make your cock rock.