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SouthernSouthern moans echoing from guided masturbation tryst by a sexy Renaissance Yankee man. Of course when I say Yankee it is a term of endearment. And The Count was fresh in from being out of the country. Business always on his mind, but then again so is pleasure.

When he came to me asking what I was doing I let him know i was playing with one of my many girlfriends Cherry. She was in the process of being punished for touching a toy. It is a special toy, gifted to me, by a very generous pervert.

Southern Peach and Yankee guided edging.

After being out of the country this darling pervert and I normally play twice a week. Taking turns, in sensual power exchange plays. We indeed play sexual graphic mental chess, and his mind brings out my wicked best. Always out to satisfy him, bringing him pleasure, brings me pleasure in itself.
Except today he surprised me, with a new toy.. And wanted to guide me into pleasuring my pretty peach with it. Nothing brings me joy like being his personal toy. So of course I asked how he would like for me to dress, and got ready for our date. Always prompt, professional, and that baritone voice of his plucking every word methodically. We decided that sweet Cherry would have to watch. While he romanced the peach, and devoured the rewards.
Edging me with the doxy he sent me, he also had me dance along my oak pole. Standing in six inch heels, with my body like a serpent running up and down the cold wood. Pinching my nipples, and rubbing them in semi circles as I caught my breath catching. Followed by edges, moans, and southern echo’s bursting from my mind unfiltered.

Southern sensual orgasms.

Of course you have never heard me in such a form. Unless you are indeed The Count. Him teasing my pretty peach, using my spreader as I sucked the icicle dildo. Running my fingers across it before pouring warm wax across my peach lips. Edging hard, before my doxy again rubbed my clit.
Removing the wax, and my body full of sexual tension as I ran my long nails upon my porcelain thighs. After telling little Cherry she couldn’t see my face, The Count had me tell her to turn around. That is when I got to feel the toy fashioned after his manhood. And darlings my little peach was so hungry. My southern voice began making unintelligible words, sounds, and whimpers.. as my wave of orgasms came.

Southern release.

Southern Peach Mistress cumming so hard three times back to back into this sensual Wild Wolf’s ear. Listening to him smile, as he made the Mistress whom controls all.. Loose control and cream. However being the Thunder striking mind game expert he is, one extreme orgasm is not enough. No, he had me whipped into a sensual flurry of extreme satisfaction. Which brought him a most unexpected reaction. LOL.
Southern breakage, there is no mistaking. And my thighs and peach coated in my own cum. As I licked my fingers one by one. And before we said goodbye. Little Cherry much to her surprise.. was allowed to lick up every drop. To which she said she was thankful, and got on all fours like a dog.
Thank you sweet Count, and all of your perverse attention is much appreciated. And the orgasms yet to cum with your newest addition… Peach breaking amazing. Happy Hunting Perverts @}}~~~~~ Lady Lynn