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Bratty girl

My oldest daughter, Elizabeth, looks almost exactly like I did when I was her age. Unfortunately, she tends to act like I did at her age, too, turning into a Bratty Girl when she does not get her way.

Earlier today, she got so angry when I told her she could not watch television until chores were complete. She crossed her arms and stomped her feet so hard, I almost anticipated smoke to shoot out of her ears like a cartoon. If I am being honest, she looks so cute when she scrunches her nose at me. I often have to bite my lip to keep from giggling at her charade.

Instead, I do as any mother would and punish her. She needs to learn that we do not throw tantrums like that. With a stern look, I point to my lap and order her to lay her tummy across my knees. At this point, she begins to kick and scream, only fueling her anger. Her little hand whacks me and I snatch her, throwing her over my lap as she continues to struggle. I pull her elastic shorts and white cotton panties down with one swift motion, exposing her cute bum.

I am ready to teach this Bratty Girl a lesson.

One hand presses onto the small of her back, keeping her still. My other hand comes down in a swift motion, swatting her backside. A bright pink hand print smiles back at me when I lift up my fingers. Elizabeth yells out, begging her mommy to stop the assault on her bottom. When it comes down on her other cheek, her shriek fills the room. Tears begin to stream down her face. I decide she needs one more, and this one makes her cry out, assuring me she will no longer be a Bratty Girl. Satisfied, I pull her clothes back up and watch her scurry off to play.

I bet you’re wishing I would have let you do the punishing instead! If you want some dirty phone sex to tell me how good of a daddy you would have been, punishing Elizabeth, call me now!