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Here is one of my many confessions. If you didn’t know by now I am as into pussy as I am a cock. Who doesn’t like the silky, pretty pink box? Women have a softness about them that a man can’t replicate. This way there is no jealousy if you have a sultry threesome. She gets the most attention with both our tongues. Don’t you think that would be an ideal situation of fun? Toys galore to fit in that tight pussy. You can’t tell me your cock won’t be standing at attention. Watching your girl get immense pleasure.


What are some of your confessions?

Also to my loving pussy. I sometimes like when it’s vanilla sex with a female. Toys and my tongue watching her squirm. Teasing that hot muff. Our chatroom is a good place to indulge in the guilty pleasure. In that piece of heaven, you will find like-minded individuals. The best part is there is no judgment. So come on and enjoy a filthy cyber session for your cock rocket. Confessions are good for the soul.

Getting back to you watching your partner with a slut like me. I want to give you permission to stroke.

Learn the ways of my animalistic lust that will drive her. I bet I can get to her orgasm in ways you only dreamed of. so you know it doesn’t have to limit to a wife or girlfriend. Let’s get off to how she will be our pillow princess. Silky scarfs to tie her wrist to the headboard. Feathers to trace around those nipples and down her sides. Watch her bump her hips up. I want you to whisper your confessions to me at that moment. Coming up and watching you crawl to her pussy spreading those legs. She has so many confessions to share. 
After you kiss her to let me pull you up and taste that sweet dessert. When is the last time you made her cum? Or is part of your confessions. Is it so embarrassing you think you can never allow yourself the expression? We can go as filthy as you think you can handle. When you reach that point I will pull you down for more. Pushing your every nerve to get you to bust those secret confessions. So, no more waiting now is the time. I will be waiting for you.