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When my mom first married my stepfather, my moody teen self already was not a very big fan of his. He was bossy and rude, always on the phone making business calls when we were all together. I hated that he tried to make new rules for me to follow like he was trying to be my dad or something! My mom did not seem to notice or care that he was completely changing everything! It was so unfair.


First, he began dictating what I could wear, actually raiding my closet and throwing out all my cute stuff! He said boys at school would think I was a slut if I kept wearing miniskirts and tube tops that showed off my tight body. He said no stepdaughter of his would be out and about in such skanky clothes. I cried myself to sleep that night, so angry, wanting to defy my stepfather even more so.


That next weekend, there was a big party at one of the senior’s houses. Mom said I could go, but my stepfather demanded I be home by ten. I knew mom would not care if I stayed out a little past curfew, so I partied it up for as long as I could! Around eleven, I was finally stumbling back home, attempting to be silent as I tiptoed inside.

A stepfather is still a Daddy!


I got all the way to my bedroom, thinking I made it when I heard a noise. My stepfather jumped out from behind the door and grabbed me, placing a hand over my mouth and dragging me to my bed. I tried to scream, but his hand muffled any sound that might escape my lips. He said my mom had drunk a few glasses of wine and that I would not wake her anyways.


As I struggled, he said he was going to punish me for not listening. He pulled me over his lap, my ass in the air, and I gasped! I had borrowed a mini skirt from a friend, so it was easy for him to pull it up around my waist, exposing my tight ass. My stepfather began spanking me, bringing his hand down in hard whacks across my cheeks as I yelped out in pain.


His calm voice informed me that I would be a good girl from now on, obeying and serving him. He spanked me until I nodded in agreement. Then he stood me up, pulled down my skirt, kissed me on the cheek, and walked back to his bedroom!


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