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The older I get, the more I enjoy the sexual company of a younger man. All my friends like to joke about what a Cougar I am, preying on younger, sexy men for my own pleasure.

My son is so lucky to have the youngest, hottest mom out of all his friends! I love when he invites them all over to swim in our underground pool during the summer. Their chiseled bodies glistening. The sexiest one is definitely Timmy. I can’t help but notice his huge young cock swinging in the leg of his swim trunks.

There was a particular day when Timmy came jogging into the kitchen. He was breathing heavy, water dripping from the ends of his shaggy brown hair. His striking smile made me wet, too! He helped himself to a soda in the fridge before leaning against the counter. I was whipping up some sandwiches for the boys. Timmy came up behind me, reaching around my waist to grab a chip out of the bowl.

Having not had sex in almost a week, my horny Cougar pussy ached at the warmth of his body temperature.

I pretended to reach over the counter to get something, pushing my ass into his crotch. I felt him freeze. I stood back up straight, then reached for something else, repeating the gentle stroke. I felt his hands move to my hips, rubbing up my sides as I wiggled back against him. He took a sharp intake of breath, telling me how he had never fucked a MILF before! Turning around, I kissed him on the lips, licking his lower lip before sinking to my knees. His dick was poking straight up through his trunks. I looked up at him as I stuck out my tongue, tasting his young precum!

I know you have always loved the thought of a sexy Cougar training you. Let’s have some naughty phone sex and you may get to be my new Cub!