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stranger sex

My wet mommy pussy is always horny as fuck, no matter how much self-pleasure I do, or how often my hubby tries to pound me. I try to be good, but almost every single day, I end up seeking out random Stranger Sex to fill my pregnant cunt.

For example, yesterday I was inching my way across the grocery store, filling my cart. As I was picking out several different cereal options for my family, I caught a dark figure in the corner of my eye. Standing a few feet away was a tall, handsome man with a rugged beard. His large hands made me gulp. Reaching up to grab something off the top shelf, the bottom of his shirt rose a few inches. The slight peak at his shredded torso made my pussy muscles squeeze in delicious delight. I had to have a taste.

I needed a rough, greedy Stranger Sex session from this man right now.

I made my way to the secluded restrooms at the back of the store. I could feel his presence as he followed from a distance, his testosterone radiating. I parked me cart in the narrow hallway before slipping into the large family bathroom. I shut the door, but kept it unlocked, at waited with agonizing patience. Two minutes later, he slipped inside as well, locking the door to the small room. He did not need to say a word. I yanked my shorts down to my knees before pulling the baby changing table down and bending over the ledge.

I was dripping, needing him to stuff me with hard, uncontrolled Stranger Sex right here in the store.

It all lasted less than five minutes, which is all we needed. His fat piece of man meat stuffed my cunt to the brim! Twelve inches rammed inside my love hole, damn near sending me into early labor! Since he could tell I was pregnant, there was no need to worry about a condom. He spilled every drop of his creamy load right inside of me!

Would you have the balls to fuck me anywhere, anytime? Let’s have some nasty Phone Sex so you can tell me where you wish we would run into each other.