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slut daughter

The first time my Daddy realized he’d raised a slut daughter…I was delighted.  You see I wasn’t very big yet.  Just a sweet little thing but when nobody was around, I’d sneak in to my Daddy’s porn collection.  I remember what it felt like between my legs when I was looking at those men defiling those women.

Honestly, I was infatuated with those big old titties the Mommy’s had.  You see, I hadn’t even started to get mine yet.  I was still a tiny little virgin but my mind, well it was ready to fuck for sure.  My body craved my Daddy in unnatural ways!  I had incest fantasies almost every single night.

A slut daughter takes care of Daddy.

I remember fantasizing that my Daddy would come in to my room after dark, pull his penis out, and stroke it for me.  The first time I had an orgasm, I was thinking about how it would feel for my Daddy to slide inside me for the first time.  Would it hurt or feel good like the ladies in the magazines described it?  I was so busy fingering my innocent little pussy that I didn’t notice that Daddy had walked inside my room.  My little hips were bucking off my twin sized canopy bed.  I was panting so loud and hard.  Then I moaned Daddy’s name.

I heard someone gasp, there was daddy cumming all over my pretty pink lace comforter.  He spilled all his juices all over and that caused my little body to convulse in spasms!  Daddy was horrified and ran out of the room, but me every the curious little slut eased my way down to Daddy’s cum.  I needed to taste Daddy!  I crawled to the end of the bed and run my finger through the still warm, salty fluid.  Then I brought my finger up to my mouth so I could lick it like a lollipop wishing Daddy would come back so I could suck it out of him.  It took a while for that fantasy to come true, but eventually Daddy caved and let me have my wish!