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Is it that hard for you as a submissive man to understand what I mean when I say to eat my cunt like you are starving”? It should not matter if I have your cock in a vice grip. Or if I am squeezing your nuts so fucking hard that they are turning purple.

This is my world and I am allowing you to breathe my air. If I want you to be a fucking little cry baby, I’ll tell you so. When I give you a direction and I say “jump” I expect you to ask “how high do you want my dick off the ground ma’am”. It’s that simple. I want you to put aside all your previous training. Forgot what the last temptress told you, got it my little submissive slut. 
I am going to knock all the nonsense you have in your distorted man-child mind. All while I reprogram your cock to be my own personal robo fuck stick. You will not eat, sleep, shit or fuck anything without my approval. I will control the very existence of you.
You are nothing but a germ. A gender-germ that I must eradicate. The only reason to keep you around is if you have a purpose. Your purpose is to be my bitch or simply to not “be” at all.


Should you do as I say I will let you exist to please me. I may even allow you to have contact with my skin and lick my asshole with your tongue. Yet, if you do not do everything I tell you. If you step outta line and make a sound, cum, or even breath wrong I am going to take my special box of toys out.
In that box, I have an unfinished wood dildo. I will ram that dildo into your asshole and fuck you like a jackrabbit with it. Laughing while hearing your high pitch shrieks that get me dripping with cum. Then I will fuck your pile hole with the shit stick. I think it is much more efficient than washing your mouth out with soap, don’t you? You are going to listen now, aren’t you? Good little submissive boy!