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SuccubusSuccubus demonessa corrupts with the best of extreme intentions, well for me at least. Sexually repressed, full of regret and longing I taste you. your to be sins, seeping from your flesh. Endless fantasies waltzing across your mind. Goddess Lynn, wants more

Dadddyyy, darling of the many creatures I deliver to you, I am never the focus of your passion. It is cute in the way you can not speak, how your knees get weak. Obsessed with a lost passion, no wonder your life of splendor, you dream. This is my season, the fall is when I pull life from every morsel of nature, including you.

Succubus huntress.

Finding you at the vineyard, surrounded by family and friends. The large community room roaring with fire, as your hands swirl the wine, and you feast your senses. Hounds lounge upon the furniture, your new wife by your side, your safe.. right? Maybe from most, but I love to surprise you. Catching you off guard, surrounding you with temptation.. as your the tempted slut for waif passion.
From the corner of your eye, you see my smile. the long red tipped hair floating atop my pale corset. My porcelain flesh, mingling against ivory. Makes you stare not knowing where one begins and the other ends. That smile, bright blood red, and my eyes from light blue to shades of yellow. As all the comfort of company starts to leave you. The glimmers of the people in your company, starts to disappear like mist.
Succubus Lynn, knows your hunger daddddy. When you look above again you see my long hair running across the floor. Inching closer to your legs, I run my long red nails between my breast, grinning as I pull out my tempted rag doll. Before you in every place that was filled .. with like minded vanilla repressed creatures.. instead is my Succubi squad. That feeling hits your gut, as my hair grabs your ankles, dangling you seven foot overhead.

Succubus trappings.

Collecting you, creating you, getting you addicted to the light of my love… my passion.. is the point. Not every woman can be a siren, and daddddy you know this I take pride in. Smiling as I toss my voodoo rag doll to the blue haired succubus at your feet. You feel my nail along your throat, her hands upon your calves, and then her voice is a blast from the past. Giggling like the one whom got away. As her blue haired turned blonde, and those thin hips jut forward. Dainty waist beset beneath large breasts as she sits on your face.
The huge cream pie from the men before you, between hr thighs trickling down in pearls. “Do you want me daddy?? Tell me you need me daddy? Do you still want me to be nasty??”, each echo of her voice makes you jump. As your lips meet the creampie between her thighs she tosses the voodoo doll, to the red head in the corner. With her small frame of 5’1 in 9 inch thigh high red boots. The spinning waist hypnotizing you, as her green eyes beam full of light.
Like a pawn on my hot board darling, I have you where I want you. Using your succubus lusts, to tear you apart with lust filled fury. Like char to flesh, I run my nails across your shoulders as my minion red head, wraps her fangs upon your breast. Biting sweetly and her tongue spinning, as she feasts you feel your life force, leaving.

Succubus divine.

Dig if you will the picture of my apples and oranges inviting you to bloom. Spinning, chanting, seducing, and promoting sin. Tempting you with their thighs as they all turn into Katie, their voices become one. “What would you do for me?? Anything to have me?? She says as the fantasy gargoyles appear at her side. Looking like huge dogs, and their tongues running across your thighs. What would you do daddy?? For this tart, to be yours.. This is when you tell me, anything Goddess.. for more.. to explore.. succubus spermy daddy.. This is my time, and thy sin be done. Happy Hunting.