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sugar baby

Have you ever spoiled a sugar baby? Been the man to make all of her dreams come true? Wouldn’t you like to be the Sugar daddy to a perfect little girl?

Some girls are born to be a sugar baby, and some created. I was born into this life. My older sister teaching me the ways of taking a man for everything he has. I couldn’t resist it. Not when I found out that they would give me everything I could want. Well, almost everything. Guess what? I never have to fuck them if I don’t want. It’s not part of the role to make them cum, but sometimes, I do. A girl has needs too.

This sugar baby loves your money.

My new stepfather has a lot of money. Too much money if you ask me. What a better way to show him what I need than to take him shopping. My mother was busy, and I told him that I needed some new panties. Well, to be honest, I sat in his lap and whispered it in his ear. I knew he wouldn’t be able to resist my sugar baby charm. No man ever can.

At the local man, he lost his wallet. Well, not in the real sense. He lost it to me, and I will never give it back. First a fashion show, and second a handjob in the dressing room. Did I mention it was his hand doing the job? All I promised to do was try everything on for him. My sexy little body slipped on each of those panties, shaking my ass each time. He was jacking while I put on another pair, careful to cover my pussy with my hand. Seeing the candy basket will cost him more money, and we maxed out one card already.