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sugar daddy
It is time for back to school shopping and my newest Sugar Daddy is footing the bill. He is a sweet one for sure but he isn’t doing it out of the kindness of his heart. No, my slut daughter and panty boy son are both going to have to work to cover the cost.

My Sugar Daddy Loves my two little ones. He has taken us on many family outings. I’ve noticed the way he looked at my little slut daughter several times. When we were at the water park he watched them play and his cock was rock hard the whole time. We snuck off to the side for a quickie. I used my best little girl voice when I fucked him and he came like a geyser. School time is getting closer and all my money has gone into my pipe. I figured out another way to get them what they needed. I offered my little girl to him if he supplied them with their school needs. He was happy to cover the cost, but said if he were buying for both kids, both would need to work it off.

Both my slut daughter and panty boy son were going to make my Sugar Daddy very happy.

I called them into the trailer and told them that Sugar Daddy was going to take them shopping. They knew what he expected from them and both began to strip their clothes off. While my panty boy started sucking on his hard cock, my little slut daughter went to work on his balls. They work so well as a team. They thought they would get him off that way, but he had other ideas. He started finger fucking my little girl’s tight twat. The he made her tongue fuck her younger brothers ass. Once she had him nice and wet, my Sugar Daddy worked his big cock right into my little boy’s virgin asshole. He loved getting fucked with a dildo but this was the first time with a real cock. He squealed with delight when that cock stretched him wider than he had ever stretched.
When we got to the mall to shop my little panty boy still had the cum from our Sugar Daddy dripping down his legs. My little slut daughter fell in love with a very expensive necklace that she had to have. It was more than he had intended to spend. That little slut is very good at negotiation. She whispered something in his ear and had him agree to prepay for her services.
I’ve decided to keep this one around for a while. Not only do I love how he interacts with my kids, I really love his high limit credit card.