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sugar daddy
I love being a sugar baby and recently stumbled across some cool sugar daddy hook up sites. So I decided to test one out.  I made a profile and uploaded about a dozen sexy pics. Soon my inbox was full of some sleazy and some attractive offers. So I decided to give a few of them a try.

My first connection was with a guy that was about twenty years older than me. He had a great picture and was the CEO of a large well known international company. His limo arrived to pick me up around eight pm, and dressed to kill. 
The driver had a very odd look when he picked me up. And I got the feeling that he felt a little sorry for me. When I arrived at my new sugar Daddy’s house. It was shocking to see a disgusting fat man that did not resemble the picture at all.

This sugar daddy was disgusting!

I tried to be polite, but halfway through dinner he got up and grabbed me by my arm pulling me onto my knees in front of him. He told me I was a little whore gold digger and that I had found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I hated him but needed his money so when he pulled out his fat little cock I sucked it.
He sat there calling me names ,and using my mouth in ways I am embarrassed to talk about. Pretty soon I was so disgusted I started to get turned on. It was the name calling. I must be some closet pain slut. I know that this man will use me in ways I never thought possible and all because he hates women. Most disgusting men hate women and feel the need t punish a hot girl like me every time they get the chance.
My new sugar daddy came all over my face on round one. Then slapped me on the ass and sent me home with a ton of dirty dick sucking videos to perfect my skill.