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sugar daddy
Wrapping that sugar daddy around my finger for Christmas this year. I deserve the very best, and guess what? He’s giving it to me.

A bitch by nature, I will stop at nothing to take everything I want. I don’t have the patience for broke boys, so don’t even ask. If you don’t pull in 6 figures a year, I’m not the girl for you. I can promise you that. A sexy little escort like me will always choose money over love. Materialistic to the core, I am the honey you can never own.

Sugar Daddy, I have needs for you to fill.

I will be shopping this weekend. I want you to go with me. Hold my bags while I max out that credit card of yours. Make sure to call your wife from the mall. Ask her if she wants anything before you come home. Of course, it better be cheap. Only the best for me. She get’s sloppy seconds and doggy bags. Don’t go crying that she will be mad. You are the fool who married her.
Eye candy is what you need for the holiday party this year. Do I tell them I am your niece again? I bet the boss is getting wise to that little trick. Last year he cornered me in the hall and swore he would tell if I didn’t blow him. That was a chance I was willing to take. Well, till you coughed up that new car for me. What’s a little blowjob between friends?
I’ve made my Christmas list early this year, and if you want honey, I wan’t money. I will agree that I am a materialistic bitch if you agree to pay me. You get nothing in life for free Sugar Daddy. Especially not this hot bitch on your dick.