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SwollenSwollen breasts pregnant Milf is pussy starved, and the neighbor of all people came to help. What the hell I can not find one raunchy cock in the vicinity.

But when I asked if he could come over and move my couch he came running. Lately, in this pregnancy I have been so horny I cull none. Until last week I was fucking the mail man. Then he told me he could not handle my hot swollen cunt.

Swollen cunt, and tits.

My neighbor yeah he is nice, but he is white. My cunt is use to big black dick, and I need something to stretch me. Wide, far, and deep. Something has to help me squirt out this kid right. Yeah he is a super skinny guy, and I was not expecting much dick. After he moved my couch and I seen his cock making an imprint in his jeans, I had to have him.
Like any natural whore, I threw myself on him, who cares if he is married or had a girlfriend. Not me, my puffy nipples need sucked until they squirt milk. Popping out tit juice makes me excited for a different reason. Knowing my pussy is getting boinked with my kid cooking inside. Getting on all fours, I lifted up my hips and ass. Begging for deep penetration, I smiled and told him no one had to ever know.
Not my husband, not his wife. The kids are at school, and the dogs can not talk. When he pumped his big dick inside the first thing he said was how hot I was. Then he noticed my tits, swollen and he rubbed them until I came. sure he was a great lay, but then the other next door neighbor came knocking. Talk about whore luck, I got double neighbor fucked. one in the cock one in the ass. With all that nut my hot swollen pregnant pussy is happy, for now.