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A little taste of taboo ageplay makes for a secret garden of lust-filled dreams. No one can take the sick thoughts from you. Open your eyes and let’s explore the fantasy together.

“Can you smell that?” chimed the little voice standing next to you. Her hand small, she didn’t shy away from the darkness. Even at that age, she knew what she was smelling. Carnal pleasures of the flesh. The room decorated in red velvet. Sorta the look of an old-time bordello. It’s a whore house for exclusive clients. Those with a taste for the very young, and the innocent. Nothing is sweeter than fruit that’s forbidden. Taboo fantasies make that possible.

Taboo can take you down a destructive path of decadence.

“Welcome to the hotel. You will see a brochure on the table that gives a complete listing of the guest. Pictures and ages attached. Each on the list whether they are cherry or experienced. Taboo is welcome here, so make sure to look through them all. Blond, brunette, redhead, and every ethnic treat one could imagine. For the right amount of money, they would spend the night in your room and explore every fetish you ever thought of.

“Pick the blond,” smirking, the lady at the counter pointed out something in a single digit. His eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas morning. She knew what he wanted but was afraid to ask for it. So many think that taboo is bad, when in fact, it’s amazing. He took what she offered, getting a drink before meeting the girl in his room. Alcohol builds confidence, and he was going to need it.

“Hello, Sir. Am I all you ever wanted? A dream girl for you? Don’t worry, I am a taboo fuck slut who wants to play with you.”